Small Business Owners Against Google

Must Read: Google’s Secret war against Small Business owners.

This very insightful post on ZDNET written by Tom Foremski: Google’s war against Small Business Owners was brought to my attention tonight.
Tom explains how Google started a secret war against small business owners, shows examples on how aggressively they hit down on small businesses, and explains how they managed to divert the attention to other Google products.

Google actively performs Illegal practice, but knows Small Business Owners do not have much of a voice in Washington. The article describes how Google gets away with it, and what they are doing to prevent future legal actions against them. (buying political influence).
Google has spent $5.9 million from Jan. 1 through Sept. 30 in the form of lobbying and sponsoring influential political lobbyists such as Richard Gephardt.

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Google Penguin 2.1 Algo Just Released

Google just launched yet another ‘anti spam’ update last friday 4 oktober 2013.

This is the 5th so called Penguin update that Google has released. Google names it: Penguin 2.1“The next generation spam filtering algorithm”.

The update was announced by Google’s head of webspam team last friday on Twitter and was supposed to “Affect ~1% of searches to a noticeable degree”.

Google’s last update (Penguin 2.0) on May 22 this year affected 2.3% of searches according to Google, making last friday’s update a so-called ‘minor’ update.


Truth is, the impact is felt on a much larger scale by many webmasters. The is a lot of chatter going on at the webmaster forums and complaints about this new update are soaring.

A Poll on Seroundtable reveals that the majority of voters has been negatively impacted by this latest Google update. Complaints vary from lozing 30%-80% of natural traffic to having 12 year old authority sites completely wiped from the search results in Google.  For some small business owners this means years and years of hard work down the drain, for others it means no more bread on the table / unemployment or not being able to feed their children.

Meanwhile Google employees pet themselves on the back, knowing the only way to survive for the small business owners that were hit with this update, is to purchase Adwords from them.
Google wins – Small Business Owners lose yet again!

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Google’s strategy is a cost to Society.

Google is not Cool anymore. Google is a Greedy company with bad morals and no Ethics: They make money over the backs of Small Business owners.  

Here is what you can do to help


Small businesses are the backbone of America.

" More than 27 Million small enterprises create between 60 and 80 percent of all the new jobs in this country. Businesses with less than 100 employees represent 99 percent of all employers, in fact. This year, President Barack Obama told a group of Ohio entrepreneurs that, “The big companies generally get most of the attention in our economy, but it’s small businesses like you that help drive America’s economic growth"  - 

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Google does not care about the Quality of their search results


Google has direct benefit in making the quality of the ads stand out above the top 10 search results, and that is exactly what they are doing.

They hammer down on small business owners, knowing they dont have a voice and allow the big guys to rank..

Google Is under investigation Around the world.